I had a couple of books on hold for me at the library so I had decided to tag along with Brett while he ran errands this afternoon.  The library, being the closest place on our agenda became our first stop.  Unfortunately for Brett, who was driving, we ended up in a long slow line of cars behind a large farm vehicle.   When we finally were freed from the snail pace of following a farmer’s combine, Brett zoomed over to the library.  Panick struck us both at the same time.  After enduring that torturous drive, we pulled into an empty parking lot at the local library, usually a sure sign there is no life to be found.  How could this be?  It was 3:00 in the afternoon!  It wasn’t possible!  However, we now live in Hagerstown, MD where this very kind of thing happens all too often.  I hesitated before I stepped out of the car.  Library card in hand I made my way to the library entrance with hope that the doors were unlocked.  When I arrived to the door I could see that the inside lights were on and the door sign indicated “Open”.  I sighed with relief, Brett’s torturous five-mile drive would not be for naught. 

Appearances can be deceiving.  Take for example the story of “The Good Samaritan”.  A traveler, robbed and beaten, lay next to the road.  A priest, in today’s world just picture the pastor of the church you go to, took a quick look and passed by on the other side of the road.  Some time later a Levite, this time picture a church helper you know, possibly a deacon or teacher, who also averted his eyes and passed by on the other side of the road.  The priest and the Levite were people who you would expect to stop and help someone in need. 

The wounded man must have closed his eyes in despair and given up all hope for rescue when he saw the Samaritan.  Jewish and Samaritan religious leaders taught that it was wrong to interact with the opposite group.  Even speaking to one another was considered wrong.  But, the Samaritan cleaned and bandaged the beaten mans wounds and paid for his care at a hotel. 

God must have smiled when he saw the despised Samaritan save the life of his enemy.  How frustrated He must have been to see His recognized workers avoid loving another child He had created.