I sped down the back road we lived on, in a hurry to make-up for the extra five minutes I had spent getting ready to leave for work.  Exasperated I saw the flashing lights in my rear-view mirror.  I received an over priced speeding ticket and resolved to never speed again.  With a few exceptions in the five years since that day I have remained true to my resolve to not exceed the speed-limit and I have never received another speeding ticket. 

Today I drove my husbands turbo-ized Baja to go grocery shopping.  I casually drove the speed-limit of 65 mph as vehicles of all kinds whizzed past me.  I knew that my car had the capability to drive faster as well, but I chose to obey the posted speed-limit. I pondered a thought:  It requires more power  to drive the speed-limit than it does for me to speed. 

I can choose to break the speed-limits in life or I can choose to obey the limits God has given in the Bible for successful living.  It certainly requires more power to choose to obey than it does to race through life at break neck speed.  But, I can only slow down when I choose to rely on the power of God to change the desires of my heart.