Imagine sitting in a church waiting for the bride to enter.  The groom stands at the front of the church awaiting his true love.  Finally, the organ music begins and everyone stands as the bride enters on the arm of her father.  She smiles at the groom, takes a few steps, then notices a former boyfriend sitting amongst the attendees.  She drops her fathers arms and rushes over to greet him.  They exchange a hug and chat for a few minutes.  The groom clears his throat and she glances over at him.  She hugs her former boyfriend once again and takes her father’s arm to begin the walk up the church aisle.  Imagine this same scenario repeating itself every few steps down the aisle.

I do enjoy driving my husband’s car with the turbo-ized engine.  It is so much fun to drive fast.  I’m sure many of you enjoy driving over the speed limit as well.

So, what does a turbo-ized engine and wedding have to do with each other?  Just this:

Most of the time as humans we are in a hurry to go somewhere, to do something.  Why then is it that, when it comes to a relationship with Jesus,  we drag out feet, stopping to visit with old attractions before taking a few more steps only to be distracted, slowed down and delayed on our way to a real relationship with God?