I stood in the kitchen preparing lunch for Aspen.  Kitty mewed plaintively several times.  I interpreted her “Meow” to mean “Feed me, I’m hungry”.  I non-sympathetically told her to eat the food in her dish because that’s all she was getting.  I had already put food in her dish early that morning.  But, she didn’t want her good-for-her-non-stinky-cat-food, she wanted her dry cat food that she had been eating for several days while we were out-of-town.

I feed our cat a frozen cat food that eliminates litter box odors.  After a few days eating dry cat food her litter box reeks.  Kitty does not appreciate our sensitivity to her litter box odors and will go on an eating strike when we return home and I put the frozen food in her dish.

I can identify with kitty in this story.  I’m sure there are plenty of times when God sets a great meal in front of me and I refuse to eat it because I want something else.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not good for me and will make my life stink.  David pursuing Bathsheba, and Samson insisting on his relationship with Delilah are two Biblical examples of living like kitty.  I become aggravated when kitty refuses to eat the good food I have set before her.  I wonder if God sighs in exasperation when I become stubborn once again and refuse the good He has set before me.  Why do I refuse the good that God offers, that He can only offer because He sent His son to die on the cross for me?