I am going to guess that there are many people out there who have watched some of the reality shows like, “Pawn Stars”, “Cajun Pawn Stars”, or maybe “American Pickers” or “American Restorer”.  Maybe some of you are like my father, who records and stores whole seasons of the shows on his HDTV.  Miranda and I are, alas, one of those rare families in American who do not own a television.  I am grateful my father had the episodes recorded so I could watch a few episodes from each of the above mentioned shows with him.  About half way through the third installment of “Pawn Stars” I had an idea run through my head I thought I might share with you.

These shows struck me as amazing examples of the contrast between a secular or non-Christian worldview and a Christian perspective.  In every purchase or “pick” in the shows, the real value of whatever item or object being bartered for is in it’s potential to bring big bucks.  Usually, the condition of the object is initially pretty bad and in need of refurbishing or at least some pretty good repair.  Therefore, the “pickers” or ‘pawn stars” low bid the owners, the owners counter and the great game of capitalism begins, each trying to get as much out of the object as possible.

I think you can see this very same perspective on life expressed all around the world in many different avenues and forms including the business world, politics and even personal relationships.  It’s human nature to like receiving more than giving, to want something for nothing (or as little as possible) and looking to the possible return on any investment we make whether of money, time or emotional.

Contrast that with God’s investment in you.  Yes, most of us need lots of refurbishing in our hearts, minds and spirits, or at least some major repairs.  All of us have amazing potential.  However, when God invested in us, He paid absolute “top dollar” for each and every one of us, in just the exact condition we are in right now.  The pawn stars and pickers always hold back on what they offer so they can get a bigger payback.  But God held nothing back, “not even His own Son” who He gave up as an offering for us.  Yes, He knows our potential better than we do ourselves, and He takes on the job of refurbishing us Himself.  But unlike a world-view, all of our value to Him is right now and He not only gave everything to redeem us, but also promises all the resources of Heaven to remake us.  That, I think, makes God the ultimate picker and king of the pawn stars.  Just something I got to thinking while watching a little TV tonight with my father.

He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?  Romans 8:32