We pulled into a parking space at Wal-Mart.  Brett, Aspen and I stepped out of the vehicle and as is our custom Brett and I held hands and headed into the store.  Aspen, as is her custom, immediately pushed her way between Brett and I, unclasped our hands and took her Daddy and my hands in her own as we proceeded to walk into the store. We love Aspen very much, after all we are typical parents and think that no other child can hold a candle to our sweet little Aspen.  But, I do not like it when she steps between Brett and I.  All of a sudden a one person separation from my husband is too far!

Every day when I walk with God, I should feel the same way when something comes along that causes me to drop my hand from His.  I should immediately desire to be in the closest proximity to Him once again.  When my hand unclasps from God’s I’m sure he reaches for me in an automatic response to my departure from His presence.  But, too often I can find myself immediately distracted by selfish desires and become lost in the crowd clasping hands temporarily with whatever catches my eye at the moment.  What happens when the crowd disappears and I feel all alone and let down by my fickle desires?  God is still there, still reaching out for me with a love that never ends.