I bought a couple of apple trees last week and hadn’t planted them  yet.  Today, since we are leaving on a road trip tomorrow due to an unforseen illness in the family, Brett manfully took up the shovel and dug some holes.  I’m thankful he did because the ground in our yard is a rocky clay soil.  When he was nearly finished digging the holes I suggested he pour water into the one to soften  up the soil while he worked on finishing the other.  The water did indeed soften up the hardened soil and made finishing the hole easier.

When I allow the Holy Spirit to soften my heart God’s truths are so much more easily planted in my heart.   When the Holy Spirit works on my heart I want to say yes to God.  But, without the Holy Spirit all God’s work for my soul will be pointless as the hole in my heart will not be able to accept what God wants to plant there.