I stood in the pouring rain trying to arrange a shopping cart and a half of newly purchased items into the Baja.  This created a few problems.  First of all, because of the rain, I had just the space in the front seat and the back seat.   Another problem were the dozen tiki torches I bought, fitting them into the car proved a real danger to their longevity.  But those were the least of my worries,  after jamming everything in as best I could I still needed to get Aspen in her car seat which was filled up with the tops of the tiki torches.  The bottoms of the tiki torches were in the front seat with mounds of miscellaneous other items.  By now I looked as if I had just gotten out of the shower fully clothed.  I pushed the tiki torches over as best I could though they wobbled precariously back and forth as if they already heard the music of the party they were about to decorate.  I took a leap of faith and told Aspen to hop into her car seat for the ride home. 

I can compare the above scenario to my relationship with God.   I had a car seat in place for Aspen.  I have a space reserved for God.  In the meantime I had “stuff” and it temporarily took over Aspens reserved space.  Sometimes I have “stuff” that takes over the space I had for God.  But, since Aspen was my most important cargo I couldn’t go anywhere without her.  God should be so important to me that I don’t go anywhere without Him.