Brett and I stood in the vacuum cleaner aisle at Target reading the descriptions of the vacuum cleaners contained inside the boxes.  We finally picked one that we felt would do the best job while also staying in the confines of our budget.  We took it home, unboxed it and it did indeed live up to the description of operating with “cyclonic power”.

I recently turned on the vacuum cleaner only to discover that it no longer operated with “cyclonic power”.  Now, it was producing a whisper not capable of blowing out a birthday candle from three inches away.  Brett took a look at it and discovered that the hose contained so much dirt, dust, hair and other miscellaneous trash that it could no longer produce the suction needed to operate at maximum capacity.  He spent some time coaxing and prodding the mass of dirt from the hose.  I still don’t like to vacuum, but at least now the vacuum cleaner actually does the job as described on the box we took it home in.

We were designed to have the power of the Holy Spirit blowing through our lives.  But, when my life gets clogged up with “stuff” the power of the Holy Spirit can no longer perform it’s work through me.  Not until I let God clean out all the gunk am I operating at full “cyclonic power.”