I started most of my tomato plants last spring, but when I saw a 4-pack of tomato seedlings at the store I decided to try them.  I planted them and over the summer they have grown beautifully.  The four plants are lush and green with no disease and loaded with tomatoes.  Unfortunately I did not get what I thought I was getting.  The little plastic plant name stick said I was buying a variety called “Black from Tula”.  I love black tomatoes, they are so yummy.  But, despite having two different kind of tomatoes from my 4-pack, neither of them are black.  I have a large red tomato that tastes just ok, a little tart actually.  The other tomato is medium-sized red with green shoulders and tastes rather bland and watery.  They make a decent salsa and aren’t too bad with some salt.  But, needless to say I am disappointed.

When someone new meets me and can see on the outside that I am a Christian are they disappointed once they see and experience the inside Christian?  Do I wear a shirt that says, “Jesus loves you” and drive a car with a bumper sticker that says, “Honk if you love Jesus”?  But in the meantime when you cut me off I say unkind things about you and wouldn’t dream of taking my time to give you a helping hand despite the slogan on my shirt?  If my Christianity is authentic, then my outside will match my inside.  Believe me, I know how hard a task that can be.  It can take a lot of work to bring that balance to your life.  I do think, however, that it takes far more energy to keep up a “front” to mask your true self.  So drop the masks and let the world see the real you.  That’s the person Jesus loves anyway.