Brett and I have spent the last two days at the Opryland Hotel.  Brett has attended some meetings while I took Aspen to the zoo and otherwise entertained her.  While Brett wasn’t in meetings he and I wandered the conservatory, watched the fountains dance, and admired the many waterfalls.  Tonight Brett took his camera and we walked hand-in-hand once again while he stopped to take pictures of the man-made scenery.  We enjoyed our time together and were always just a hairs-breadth away from being truly romantic.  But, it is hard to be romantic while spending time with an exuberant five-year-old.  We did manage to share a kiss behind one of the waterfalls, but the fear of losing sight of our sweet little Aspen once again put a damper on an all out romantic evening.

How many times would God like to walk hand-in-hand with me, just He and I?  How much love is He waiting to show me if I would just give Him my full attention?  Instead I insist on being distracted by the “third person” I won’t let out of sight.  That “third-person” can be anything I let it be: worry, general business,  work,  the latest novel by my favorite author, unforgiveness, house, bank account, busy calendars, and so-forth.

God’s love for me has already been given.  If I don’t accept it, it’s like getting a gift card and never using it.  I have it in my wallet, go to the store, but then when I go to pay for my items I get distracted by talking on the cell phone and use my own debit card to pay for it.  When all is said and done, why do I want to pay for my own sins when God already sent His Son to pay for them?