Will Spencer Interview

This is a video I wouldn’t usually watch, only because I would probably rather watch a video about gardening.  But, when I saw that Will Spencer was one of the interviewees I decided to watch it.  Why?  Because I worked at the high school Will attended.  Back then he was just a skinny kid riding his skateboard around the school parking lot.  I also remember my son coming home and telling me that Will’s parents were at that moment strongly encouraging him to be more like his older brother.  They wanted him to give up skate boarding and pay more attention to school.  So I wanted to see what this young man, who had defied his parents wishes, had become.  After watching the video I quickly applied several spiritual applications to it.

Many people would like to ride a skateboard like Will.  But, most people don’t.  Certainly he was born with a better than average physical skills, but in order to become one of the best he spent many hours practicing.  Hours that he could have done something else, like watch someone else on TV do skateboard stunts.   But, he didn’t just sit around and watch and then talk about it.   He took his skateboard and went outside to the school parking lot and practiced until he became a top-ranked skateboarder.   I can go to church and Bible studies to learn about Jesus, but how often do I actually get up and practice what Jesus taught?

Will stayed true to his goal.  Despite naysayers, despite the unlikelihood that he would actually be one of the best skateboarders out there, he kept practicing and then entered events to prove that he could do it.  I don’t know what he won or lost between seeing him skating on the high school parking lot and becoming “Spidermans” double, but I’m sure he won some and lost some.   In my spiritual life I win some and I lose some.  But, to eventually reach the goal, I need to keep getting up and put into practice what Jesus teaches.

Will is the stunt double for “Spiderman”.  In the movie Will looks like “Spiderman”, he acts like “Spiderman”.   My own life should be so much like Jesus that others will see Him rather than me.  I need to spend so much time with Jesus that I don’t just know about Him, but actually know Him.