After I write a blog post, one of several things happens.  First of all before I post anything, my husband Brett assumes the role of editor.  Usually he says, “Great job, shall I post it for you?”  When he says that I have usually already felt like my writing was ready for posting.  Though others times I know before I ask him to read it that something isn’t quite right.  I know that, but one of two things floats around in my brain right about then:  I’m either too tired to spend more time writing a good piece or I’m too lazy.  There have been a few times I’ve written something and wasn’t sure it made any sense at all and Brett assured me it was some of my best writing.  I do realize that the whole world does not read my posts, nor is the whole world interested in the topics I blog about, but I trust Brett to keep me from posting something absolutely no one wants to read. 

At first Brett took on the role of teacher and pointed out what I needed to change and I dutifully, albeit unhappily, went back to pecking at the keys on the keyboard.  Now Brett just asks if I want him to finish writing the post for me.  Of course I do!  When he does I’m always amazed at the perspective that he adds.  My post just went from teetering on the precipice of its last breath to running the race and winning.  He takes my idea, makes it say what I wanted it to say, (or if I had no idea what my point was makes one), and then adds even more definition and color to the story. 

Isn’t that just how our spiritual life grows?  At first we try to do it on our own and sometimes we know something isn’t quite right.  We read the Bible or ask for advice from other Christian friends and keep plugging along.  Then one day the light goes on!  We quit doing it on our own and let God finish writing our story.    Not only does He give us everything we wanted, He adds the stuff we didn’t even know we could have!

Sometimes we feel as if we are just muddling through life, just trying to do the next right thing and wondering why it isn’t working.  But when we are through the mud hole and have made it to the other side we can look back and it all makes sense. 

Sometimes I sit down to write and really have no idea where I’m going.  But since I committed to writing a daily blog, I take a small something, and begin to write.  As I write new ideas pop into my head and before I know it the entire piece is written. 

Just like this entire blog: Today is my 210th consecutive daily post, mostly spiritual allegories that I have drawn from  my daily experiences.  But when I first started posting blogs 210 days ago, most of those experiences hadn’t even happened yet.  God leads us and grows our lives the same way, one step and one day at a time.  If I would have just posted one blog and then given up, my blog would be pretty small, but just like spending day after day writing has creating 210 posts, spending day after day with Jesus grows our spiritual life and comprehension to a place we never even knew existed.