If your friends were able to walk up to the front door of your heart and knock, would they find that Jesus opened the door?  Or would they just find a picture of Jesus taped to outside of the door?

Aspens first phrase began with the two words, “I want”, then she proceeded to add the word or two that described what she wanted.  It certainly was a useful first phrase.  Within about two weeks though she switched from “I want”, to “I need”.  She was around a year and a half when she did this.  But, she still feels as though she “needs” everything that she wants. 

I think as adults we often get our needs and wants confused as well.  We need Jesus inside our hearts, but most of the time it seems that we have our hearts as full of junk, that we think we need to keep us safe, as the garage or the kitchen junk drawer.  Don’t feel as though you can’t invite Jesus on over to your heart until you have cleaned up the mess.  We can never clean like Jesus does.  He has the most powerful window cleaner ever made.  Once he cleans away the grime we are able to see clearly.  His brand of disinfectant will kill the germs of sin with a single spray!  His formula for drains will clear away emotional blocks that will allow us to be the people He created us to be.

Live free today!  Let Jesus into your heart.  Living with junk on the inside while we paste a picture of Jesus on the outside gets us nothing but a  heart too heavy to dance.  We are only capable of flying through the air to previously unattainable heights when Jesus sets us free!