Have you ever played one of those “get to know you” games where you describe yourself in terms of an animal?  I hate that game.  Inevitable the only animal I can think of is Eeyore the donkey from Winnie the Pooh.  I’m definitely NOT a “Rabbit” (except for the gardening part), though at times I think I can very much be like a “Kanga”.  But when it comes to using something to personify my bouncy little 5-year-old, “Tigger” doesn’t even come close.  She is more like one of those monster big fireworks fountains that spew colorful sparks, fire balls and all manner of flashing fancies high into the air on July 4!  The only difference between her and one of those marvels is she tends to never fizzle out. 

Aspen, who is almost 6, is always super excited about everything.  She can cross the same bridge over and over and it is still as exciting as the first time.  When you take her someplace like a zoo or aquarium she exclaims loudly and bounces and jumps at each exhibit.  She truly has enough exuberance and excitement for everyone else there.  Today she wanted to make cookies.  She was so excited to get two of her little kid aprons that she insisted we both wear.  She couldn’t wait to pour everything into the bowl and mix it up.  Each of the 5 or 6 items received the same amount of excitement and joy. 

I would like to find life as exciting as she does.  When I think about it though, it is just a frame of mind.  She chooses to think everything is super exciting and something she gets to do, while as an adult, I seem to think in terms of things I have or need to do.  For example; after baking the cookies my thoughts are about cleaning up the mess after making the cookies and having to do wash dishes for yet a third time today.  Aspen, however, thinks that helping mommy clean is just another exciting event in life. 

Matthew 13 tells the story of a man who found a treasure in a field.  You can imagine how excited he was.  When he found it he hid it again, then went and sold everything he had to buy the field.  I can imagine that when he dug up the treasure again, he was just as excited, or even more excited than the first time.  Matthew 13:44 tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven is like that treasure hidden in the field.   First of all we should get just as excited about seeking the Kingdom of Heaven as the man did when he found the treasure.  Second of all we should get just as excited about the kingdom the umpteenth time as the first. 

Psalm 118:24 – “This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”