Yesterday was a learning experience for Brett.  I thought possibly it had worn off already but I was proved wrong.  Today we missed a turn the GPS told us to make.  Not a big deal right?  We would just turn around at the next intersection.  Well this must have been a test after the police officer told Brett yesterday to heed the directions the road signs give.  Intersection after intersection had “No U-Turn” signs posted!  We also couldn’t turn left either because there was also a “No Left Turn” sign or the road didn’t go left.  We finally arrived to an intersection where we could turn left but there was once again the dreaded “No U-Turn” sign.  Brett hesitated but didn’t make the u-turn and instead made a left turn intending to turn around in someones driveway.  What did we see as we turned down that street?  A police car driving our direction. 

Old habits are hard to break.  It would have been so easy for Brett to make an illegal u-turn despite yesterdays experience, but while he did hesitate he made the right decision.  God loves us.  He is always there to help us when we need it.  The police officer coming down the road was there whether Brett made the illegal u-turn or chose not to.  The difference was the outcome of the decision.  Had Brett chosen to make the u-turn he may not have received the same free grace he did yesterday.  He may have had to suffer the consequences of his transgression with a ticket and all the hassles that go along with that.