It was so much fun as a kid to watch the fireflies blinking in the dark.  Last night I looked out my living room window and  saw them for the first time since I was a kid living in Michigan.  I was so excited and called Aspen to come see them.  It took a moment, but she saw them as well.  Our house then contained two truly excited people.  Aspen called her daddy to come see them.  He didn’t seem very excited.  I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t excited to see the fireflies.  I needed to close the gate on my garden so the deer wouldn’t get in so I stepped outside to do so and my husband came with me.  When we arrived at the garden plot we were closer to the fireflies. Then I figured out the reason he hadn’t been excited about the fireflies from inside the house.  He didn’t have his contacts in or his glasses on so he couldn’t see them.  He wasn’t as excited as Aspen and I but actually seeing the fireflies raised his level of excitement a notch or two. 

  Isaiah 44:8 tells us, …And you are My witnesses.  Is there any God besides Me, or is there any other Rock? I know of none.”  My husband wasn’t terribly excited about the fireflies until he actually saw them and experienced them for himself.  The more personal experiences we have with God the more excited we get about Him.