Isn’t it strange sometimes what will trigger a spiritual allegory in your mind?  Today my neighbor texted me and wanted me to come over and look at the Wolf spider her husband had captured the night before and put into a jar.

About a week ago they found a Wolf spider in their seven-year old son’s bed all snuggled up under the blankets.  Ever since, then she has not gone to bed without lifting her blankets and pillows and looking for a spider.  Last night she checked her bed and pillows and climbed in under the covers.  Her husband came to bed just shortly after that and turned out the light.  Then he asked where his cell phone was since he used it as an alarm.  The phone was on the night stand on her side of the bed so he got up and turned on the light.  As she reached for the cell phone she heard her husband calmly said, “You need to get up and go get me a glass jar.”  She did as she was told and when she gave her husband the glass jar he captured another Wolf spider that was sitting on his pillow!  Needless to say my neighbor did not sleep well last night and as a result spent a sleepy afternoon getting some vitamin D out in her yard.

Sin can be like that, especially when we feel like we have things pretty together.  It waits in some dark nook or cranny in our minds, and when we least expect it crawls out and surprises us.  Jesus knows what lurks in the dark places of our hearts and promises to give us the light from His word so we can see the “spiders of sin” and clean them out.