I just saw a picture posted on Facebook that has given me the idea for today’s post.  It was a picture of a cloudy sky with the clouds shaped into fingers pulling back an opening in the clouds.

The picture reminded me of an incident that happened while I lived in Kodiak, Alaska.  The pastor of our church there and his wife had a daughter who was away at college.  She was flying home for Christmas break and was nearly home.  While her parents were waiting in the small Kodiak airport her plane was circling above them waiting for an opening in the clouds.  They finally announced they would make one more pass and then  head back to Anchorage before they ran out of fuel.  That meant that their daughter would have to spend the night in Anchorage.  Her parents prayed that God would open the clouds and allow the plane to land.  A friend of mine told me about it later.  He was standing outside and he watched the clouds open, the plane flew through and the clouds closed back up.  What an exciting answer to prayer!

Years later I worked with a woman who said that she never asked God for anything! I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say.  I have asked God numerous times to help me find my keys, and I have to say He is generally pretty helpful.  Just recently He helped me find a Redbox movie that desperately needed to be returned.  Both my husband and I had looked several times through the papers and bills stacked on the cabinet to no avail.  Finally after searching through everything, lifting every single paper and envelope, looking behind everything, I offered a quick prayer for help to find the movie, I looked down and there it was….laying right on top of everything!  How does God do this kind of stuff!?  Why does God do this kind of stuff?  In the whole scheme of running the universe what is it to God to help me find my keys or a long over due Redbox movie?   Luke 12:7 says that “Even every hair on your head has been counted.”  Just think of it, God runs the whole universe and He desires a relationship with you so badly that he makes His presence known to us in so many various ways.  God doesn’t just want to help you find your keys, He wants to do so many more bigger things for you.  We just need to ask him!  He desires the most and the best for us.  Jeremiah 32:17 assures us that nothing is too hard for God: “I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?”  I have discovered that nothing is too hard for the mighty right arm of the Lord!