It is the accepted idea of today  that we need more ‘self-love’.  But here is a thought to ponder;  God is love.  What does that mean?   It means that if I want love I must seek God, for God is love.

Think about this for a moment, little children don’t worry about whether they love themselves or not.  They love their parents and as long as they are assured of their parents love, they are happy.

Christ said, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35)   How can you love yourself if you hate the person you go to church with? Or despise your neighbor?  Or won’t speak to your parents because of injustices they have done to you?  What causes such coldness in our feelings to others?  Self.  We are so full of self that we are appalled to be treated so horribly by others.  If we are to have the love of God truly living in our hearts then there must be death to self.  How can a man be dead to sin, if he is not dead to self?

If we are full of love for the Father, He will make sure we are full of love for others.   That is our greatest need; to accept the love of the Father.  For many of us that can be the hardest thing to do: to simply allow God to really love us.   It can be scary.  It can even at times be painful.  But without it our hearts will always be empty and searching for fulfillment somewhere.  To have a true and lasting self-acceptance/self-love we first need for our hearts to be emptied of both and then allow it to be filled with love for the Father, only then will we really have a peace that passes understanding.  Most people seem to seek self-love as something they can do for themselves, when in reality we can only accept who we are when we allow God to fill us with His love.