Recently my daughter posted a link on her food blog for places to find spring water.  My husband and I usually buy bottled water but since a nearby spring had good reviews we decided to go find it.  We took with us a one gallon plastic jug.  When we arrived to the spring, which was way out in the middle of just about nowhere, there was a man there who had a pickup load full of glass gallon jars that he was filling up to take with him.  Wow!  Did we feel silly filling up our one gallon container.

In the parable of the Wedding Garment when the king enters the banquet, he sees a man who is not wearing the garment provided for him.  The king orders him bound and removed from the celebration. 

When we try to live a Christian life without the help of Christ we are just like the man at the wedding celebration who didn’t wear the garment provided for him.  It’s also a lot like my husband and I going to get water from the spring and only taking one gallon jug with us.  In the whole scheme of drinking water for a week or two what is one gallon going to do for us?  Not much. 

When we join forces with God he shares His power with us.  We are no longer trying to perform good Christian acts on our own.  The Holy Spirit changes the desire of our hearts to do the things that Jesus would do in whatever situation we are in because “God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.”  Philippians 2:13 NLT

“I delight to do Thy will, O My God; yea, Thy law is within My heart.” Ps. 40:8