When my kids were younger every year I let them pick out a Hallmark Christmas ornament.  One year when they were nearly grown up I saw a Carousel series that had just begun and since I like to ride the carousel I bought the first few in the series, then for whatever reason didn’t buy the last few.  Several years ago I decided I would like to finish out the series so I signed onto Ebay.  I noticed that one of the carousel ornaments that I had was selling for over $100.  I decided to sell my ornament rather than invest more money in buying the rest of the series. 

I didn’t pay a whole lot for the ornament….maybe about $15.  But, I sold it for over $100.  It didn’t appear to be worth much when I bought it, but after time it’s worth grew larger.  Like the mustard seed in the parable Jesus told.  The kingdom of God and it’s truths, which are opposite of everything the world believes, appear small and insignificant, but because it has the life of God in it, it grows beyond expectation.