Do you ever harbor a science experiment in your fridge?  Whether you realize it or not a food item in your fridge has grown mold or other wise evolved into an inedible slimy blob.   Sometimes we unintentionally leave a food item in the fridge and it turns bad.  Other times we just don’t clean out the fridge til we have to despite knowing that it will turn into a real mess later on. 

Sometimes there are science experiments in the fridge of our lives like that.  Sometimes we allow things to fester undercover of darkness.  We try to avoid knowing it’s there.  We know they are going to go bad, but we let them continue that direction anyway.  Do we think we are the exception to the rule?  That we can proverbially jump out off the empire state building and land safely on the ground?  Do we think that we can cheat and not suffer the consequences?  That we can lie and everything will be ok? 

God loves us and wants the best for us, but there are natural consequences to wrong choices.  Take for example if we have a friend who starts to decline our invitations to spend time with us, eventually we will no longer be posting ‘Happy Birthdays’ on their Facebook page or inviting them to lunch or a movie.  Why?  Because we realize we are no longer a priority in their life.  God wants to be the priority in our life.  But when we continually choose to allow moldy food to grow in our lives, the natural consequence is that not only God, but everyone else will see that God is not a priority in our lives.  Choose to put God first today and let Him help you clean those slimy blobs out of your refrigerator.