While I was watching…oh I meant doing an exercise video this morning I decided that it is a real shame that watching an exercise video doesn’t give the same results as actually following along and doing the exercises.

I have noticed that when I exercise I also have an inner desire to eat healthy things.  I generally eat pretty healthy….. carrot juice first thing in the morning and a green smoothie after that, hopefully a salad for lunch, and if I try really hard I can eat healthy for dinner as well.  But sometimes it just gets boring to eat healthy.  But when I finish exercising, I really want to drink a green smoothie.

I think the reason we find church boring or the sermon boring and irrelevant to our lives is possibly because we haven’t spent time during the previous week exercising our spiritual muscles.  If we have stayed in touch with God during the week then meeting with Him during church will just be an added bonus to our spiritual lives.

Okay, okay, so you say your pastor preaches boring sermons.  Yes, I’ve heard that before and even agreed with that statement before.  And I have to admit I still think some sermons I listen to are boring.  But, many years ago I chose to carefully listen to the sermon even if it was boring.   Every time I did that I found something in it that applied to my life and showed me where I needed to change or something was said that offered just the encouragement that I needed at that moment.  Sure, the sermon may be boring but God can still use it to enhance your spiritual life.

So try this next week to exercise your spiritual muscles, it will help you to find spiritual food much more appealing.

A body that doesn’t breathe is dead. In the same way faith that does nothing is dead.  James 2:26 (Gods Word Translation)