An old friend of mine, who I met in Alaska many years ago, now spends most of his time in the faraway land of Honduras operating a mission( that helps mothers dying of AIDS and their soon to be orphaned children.   Yesterday he left a post on my FB page and mentioned that he was currently in Honduras.  A mutual friend commented on the post that a group of her friends were in Honduras building a church.  I noticed she had spelled the word ‘Honduras’ incorrectly.  It crossed my mind as unusual to have spelled ‘Honduras’ incorrectly as it was correctly spelled just above.  Then I looked at the reply I had typed, but not yet posted, and realized I had also incorrectly spelled the word ‘Honduras’.  Sigh.  Yes.  I do need to remember to remove the Giant Sequoia log from my eye before I start poking, even if just mentally, at someone elses speck of dust!

The following words of wisdom were added by my hubby who is really good at everything I’m not so great at.  One of those things being putting the finishing touches on my blog posts.     

Are you familiar with The 12 Steps?  Many people think they are principles of living only for alcoholics or addicts.   But if you really take a look at them, you will see that The 12 Steps are, in a way, a translation or version of the Gospel.  I call The 12 Steps, “The Gospel for Dummies.”  I believe that if we all followed the path of The 12 Steps, this would be a much different (and better) world.

Step 10 of the twelve steps says this: “Continued to take personal inventory and whenever wrong, promptly admitted it.”  Sounds pretty simple, huh?  Like most things in life, Step-10 is simple, just not easy.  Try it for one day.  Nothing tends to keep us humble like admitting our own mistakes, especially when we do so immediately and sincerely.  I think that’s what Jesus was trying to get at with the whole speck and log analogy.  So try clearing your vision for one day by getting rid of your own specks of dust when you see them.  I think you’ll find life get’s a whole lot clearer.

So why do you see the piece of sawdust in another believer’s eye and not notice the wooden beam in your own eye?  Matthew 7:3 (Gods Word Translation)