Yesterday I drove across hill and vale, literally, to pick up some rabbit manure for my garden.  Why did I bother?  Because I have read that rabbit manure is a balanced fertilizer and that it can be applied immediately rather than having to wait for it to compost.  It sounds so easy.  This summer I am putting it to the test.

Now you can always tell what new subject interests me at the moment by what the titles are on the latest stack of books I have checked out from the library.  For awhile I read quite a number of gardening books.  Well, some I read, others I perused and some I just opened, glanced through it and put it in the “go back” pile.  Each book has their own version of gardening, how to fertilize, lay out a garden and so forth.  Some fertilizer recipes sounded rather complicated or expensive, everything from mixing fish and seaweed to cow manure, kudzu leaves and others things I can’t remember now.  Part of me is…dare I say it?….lazy.  Well maybe not lazy in particular, but I do like to find the easiest, least complicated way to do something.  So when I found a book  that suggested rabbit manure as a single ingredient, non complicated way to fertilize, I have decided to give it a try.

There are so many self-help books out there with their version of “how to”.  Now I have read plenty of them and I am sure bits and pieces have rubbed off on me.  At least I hope they have or they were a complete waste of time.  Now, I’m not going to suggest that you not go to therapy, because that can be helpful.  Or that you not read the latest self-help book because they can be helpful as well.  God has all kinds of ways he can help us.  But for myself I have discovered that if I ask God about something….take for example; What do I need to work on next in my life?  What needs to be changed?  I always get an answer.  Not necessarily an audible answer but God sure can point out areas that need to be worked on.  For me He seems to like to do this during my morning devotional time, usually something I’m reading seems to point its finger right at something that has suddenly become quite obvious as a needed change in my life.

Now rabbit manure may not seem the most pleasant way to fertilize.  It can be a little…ahem…smelly and as I spread it on the garden area I try not to think about where it came from.  It would be so much easier to buy a box of pre made powdered stuff from the store and sprinkle it on.  But sometimes the easy way is not the best way.  Did I just say that?