My mother grew up on a farm in Goodrich, North Dakota.  The spring she turned five she was so excited the horses had given birth. What she wanted most was to pet one of the baby colts.  Her mother told her in no uncertain terms to “stay away from the baby horses”!  But little Doris couldn’t stop thinking about how cute they were and how much she just wanted to reach out and touch one.  So every day when her dad or one of her brothers would let the horses out of the barn she would get just a little closer to the fence they ran past on their way from the barn to the corral.  Mama horse, baby horse.  Mama horse, baby horse.  Oh, they were sooooo cute, surely it wouldn’t hurt just to reach thru the fence and touch one of the babies as it ran past. 

One day she finally worked up the courage to stand next to the fence just before the horses were let out of the barn.  The barn door opened, mama horse, baby horse, mama horse, baby horse.  She reached out her hand as the next baby horse ran by and touched its back leg.  Kick!  The startled colt kicked its  leg thru the space in the fence and hit her right in the eye.
She was rushed to town to see the doctor, but she nearly lost her eye and the vision  in that eye after the accident was never very clear.

Why is it that we are so drawn in by what we desire even when we know it’s  wrong.  Sometimes the wrong we desire is so clear, so strong; but the consequences of the sin, if we think about it at all, just doesn’t seem possible until it reaches out and kicks us right in the eye.

… will seek the Lord your God, and you will find Him, if you seek Him with all your heart and all your soul.  Deuteronomy 4:29