Do you ever wonder why God seems to answer quickly for some prayers and others seem to take forever?  God once answered a prayer for me that seemed important at the moment but in the whole scheme of things if it wouldn’t have been answered like I had asked I wouldn’t have been surprised.  I was truly more surprised that it was answered in it’s entirety.

Brett and I were renting a house.  It was a nice house in a nice neighborhood and we really liked it, but the time had arrived to move as I was no longer working and we needed to find someplace with less expensive rent.  We also wanted to find someplace closer to Brett’s work.  So I made a list of things we wanted in a house and presented them to God.  We wanted a house that was closer to Bretts work.  Had a garage.  Was the same size or slightly bigger (I’m not quite sure why I asked for that but I did).  Had a nicer landscaped yard than the one we currently had.  Was in a neighborhood as nice or almost as nice as the one we were currently in.  And last but not least of course fell into our price range, which at the most would preferable be $850 per month (we were currently paying over $1200) or less of course.  I actually had the audacity to ask for rent to be $650 per month.  Oh and one more thing… deposit as we were currently living on one income and a deposit wasn’t in the budget.  There.  That was all. 

Now, believe it or not God provided exactly what I asked for.  Every single thing.  We even rented the house for $650 per month for the first four months before the landlady raised the rent to $850. 

…..You do not have, because you do not ask God.  James 4:2