Don’t worry about what to eat or what to drink or what to wear.  These are the priorities of the world.  Remember, your heavenly Father knows that you need food and clothes.  So make God’s kingdom and His righteousness first in your life, and all the other things will be given to you as you need them.  Matthew 6:31-33 The Message

Part of the Lord’s Prayer say’s “Give us this day our daily bread.”  It doesn’t say “let us worry this day about what we will eat or wear or where we will live.”  If we go back to the beginning of the prayer it starts with, “Our Father,” and moves on to His kingdom.  If God is our father and we are part of his kingdom then we are in the proverbial ‘army of God’.  Now, when someone joins the military, they are provided with a place to stay, food to eat and uniforms to wear.  So if we are in God’s army why do we worry about ‘stuff’?  God says He will provide everything that we need.  “Don’t take on troubles ahead of time because tomorrow will have its own problems.  Just do faithfully what you should be doing today and live one day at a time.”  Matthew 6:34  The Message