The alarm clock buzzed annoyingly.  Jane opened her eyes and noticed the morning devotional book her mom had given her for Christmas the year before laying on her nightstand.   She closed her eyes and snuggled a little further under the covers.  She thought about what to do first.  Then her mind wandered to all the things that needed to be done that day at work.  Work.  That made her think about the cute guy who worked on the floor above her.  She finally brought her thoughts back to reality.  She should get up and read her morning devotional and pray.  She looked at the clock.  Uh oh.  She had daydreamed too long for that.  Now she needed to hurry to get to work on time.  She jumped out of bed and headed to the shower.  After dressing she grabbed her jacket, purse, and keys.  She glanced at the new blender her mom had gotten her for her birthday a few months ago.  She should make a fruit smoothie, but she didn’t have time.  She would grab a donut and coffee in the work break room instead.

Lunch time arrived and she wasn’t quite finished with her report.  Should she run next door and grab a quick salad or maybe she would just finish that bag of M&M’s in her drawer.  They did have peanuts after all, that made it almost like a trail mix.  She opened her drawer for the M&M’s and found a can of Redbull as well.  She smiled, even better.  Jane put the finishing touches on the report just in time to turn it in to the boss.  Jane felt the sugar and caffeine energy surge through her.  She buzzed through the afternoon then hopped into her little red car and headed home.  Jane groaned when she saw the traffic jam ahead of her.  She inched slowly along finally passing the accident that had caused the slow down.  By the time she pulled into her drive way she was absolutely famished.   She looked at the clock.  Her favorite Tuesday night show would start in five minutes.  She unlocked the front door, ran to the bedroom, threw on her pj’s and raced back to the kitchen.  She opened the cupboard door, grabbed some Ruffles and a jar of cheese dip.   She dropped into her chair, picked up the remote and clicked. 

She finished her favorite show, then moved into multi tasking.  She picked up her laptop and cell phone then randomly clicked  through various channels watching a little of this and that while catching up with Facebook and doing a little texting.   She yawned and took a look at the time.  12:02AM?!  Where had the time gone?  She padded her slippered feet to the bedroom and crawled under the covers.  She noticed her devotional book lying on her night stand.  She should read something, but she was too tired.  Oh well, she would say a quick prayer anyway.  She started, Dear God……that was it, she fell asleep.

And in the morning, a great while before day, He rose up and went out, and departed into a desert place, and there prayed.  Mark 1:35