When I first started writing this blog my husband suggested I answer this question.  How do you find God?  When I thought about it the answer always seemed  vague and shapeless.  Today, when I was driving home from the mall, I thought about that question again.  How do you find God?  Driven by my other motivating question…..How do I find an idea to write about?

Then the vague idea took shape and formed words.   We find God when our heart truly seeks Him and nothing else.    Seek God like you desire the championship for your favorite sports team.  Seek God like those elusive perfect shoes at the mall.  Seek God like air conditioning in a 120 degree heatwave.  Seek God like a fire in -70 degree windchill factor in Alaska.   Seek God like you have been shipwrecked and are in the middle of the vast ocean with only one lifeboat 50 feet away.

God doesn’t play hard to get.   He is entirely infatuated with you.  When God first laid eyes on you, he fell helplessly in love with you.  You are His hearts utmost desire.  You are the person He wants to hold hands with, walk along the lake with and talk with.   He loves you.   His voice is the soft whisper on the breeze, when you seek it, you will find it.  Listen for His voice.  Don’t be distracted from true love by false infatuations.  

The problem with finding God lays with our fickle hearts.  We think we want to spend time with God.  We know it’s a really good idea, but when it comes right down to doing it…….it seems that our hearts desire really lays somewhere else.  Perhaps the movie we wanted to see, that book we wanted to read, those dust bunnies under the couch, our facebook we need to check or the new car we have to work more hours to get.

So back to that question again.  How do we find God?  Ask Him out on a date, have lunch together.  Hold His hand, look deep into His eyes, listen to His words and fall hopelessly in love.  Be obsessed with God.   Let your eyes see only Him.  Let His voice make your heart tremble with desire.

O God, you are my God, for you I long;
For you my soul is thirsting.
My body pines for you
Like a dry weary land without water.
So I gaze on you in the sanctuary
To see your strength and your glory.
For your love is better than life. (Ps 63:1-3)