When we first brought our kitten home about a year ago I envisioned a sweet kitty who would love to sit on my lap and appreciate everything I did for her.  Things like feed her and empty her litter box.  But, unfortunately my hopes for a sweet kitty were not realized and we now live with an ornery cat.  Oh, she does like us sometimes, but most of the time she would rather take a swat at us or just ignore us in general.  I’m still holding out some hope for her though as she seems to be calming down a bit now that she is past a year old.  I do try to love my cat, but it is hard to love Kitty as much as I wanted to when she doesn’t always love me back.

I would guess that when God created me and you, that He had  high hopes for us as well.  Did you and I live up to those hopes or are we just ornery cats?  The great thing about God is that He still loves us whether we love Him and appreciate Him or not.  He still loves us.  When someone loves us it is usually pretty easy to love them back.  But when someone ignores us and scratches us, as humans it is hard to love them.   But, God still loves us.   

God the Father said this about his son Jesus, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”  Matthew 3:17.  I want God to be able to say the same about me.  That I am His beloved child and that He is well pleased with me.  Let us choose to love Him today!  He loves us back.  He loved us first.  He loves us all the time, deserving or not.