My husband and I don’t watch very many movies….maybe once a month if that.   We recently watched the movie Robin Hood with Russell Crowe.  Well I didn’t watch all of it,  I never do.  I always fall asleep at some point in time during a movie.  This time though I watched most of it and I did manage to watch the end (that’s the part I usually miss).  After the movie I started thinking about the characters,  King Richard and King John in particular.  These people lived a long time ago.  They had no idea that some day their lives would be displayed for all to see in a movie. Not entirely accurately of course, but we will assume for the sake of this illustration that their general characters were portrayed.   If they had known their lives would one day be seen by millions of people, would they have lived their lives differently?  Especially King John who is portrayed as weak and unlikable.  If you knew your life was going to be made  into a movie 500 years from now, would you live it differently?

In the movie of life you are playing the character of someones mom, sister, brother, friend, coworker, dad, husband, wife and the list goes on.    What kind of main character or supporting character did God create you to be?  And  are you playing the role God gave you or are you writing your own script?