When my youngest son was a toddler, he didn’t seem to have an understanding of the word “no” like his older siblings had at the same age.  One day when he had once again decided that my “no” meant “yes”, we had the following conversation:

Mom: Who is in charge around here?

Colby: I am.  (With big innocent brown eyes that I don’t dare look into)

Mom: (The light has come on)  No.  Mommy and Daddy are in charge.

Colby: (Has a look of surprise on his sweet little face)

Mom:  Who is in charge around here?

Colby: Mommy and Daddy……..and me.

And needless to say we had this conversation many more times.  Why is it as humans we have such a deep need to be in control and to be the one in charge of our lives?  Do we really think we are that powerful?  Can you speak a word and the wind stops blowing?   Can you speak a tree into existence?  Try standing there and commanding a tree to appear.  You would feel a little foolish wouldn’t you.  In the meantime,  when  we try to live our lives on our own without God, it’s the same thing isn’t it?  Why would we try to do things our way when it’s  God who has the power to help us live a better life?  It’s like us standing in the middle of a hurricane and commanding the wind to stop.  The only one who can stop the wind is the One who created it.  The One who created you knows what is best for you.  So why do we continue to think we know better than God when it comes to living our lives?

Who can be compared to the Lord? Who in all the universe is equal to Him?  They all stand in awe of you. You are reverenced by all who surround you.  No one has all power and is as mighty as you, Lord.  No one is as faithful and trustworthy as you.  You rule the raging sea. You calm the boisterous waves.  You can crush the largest whale by a word, you can scatter the largest army by your awesome strength.  What a powerful right arm you have.  Psalm 89: 6-13.