Richard and Jane sat on the couch discussing when to throw a dinner party for their friends.  After much discussion they decided  to invite everyone over on Sunday afternoon, just three days away.

Saturday evening, after eating pizza while watching the late show, Richard and Jane yawned and looked at the mess surrounding them.  Jane, yawning again said, “Time to get cleaning for the party tomorrow.”   Richard, who was the kind of person who always knew the right thing to say and didn’t want to stay up all night cleaning,  volunteered to get up early with Jane and help with the cleaning in the morning.  Jane hesitated, she knew that Richard liked to sleep in on Sunday mornings.  But, Richard prevailed and Jane agreed to wait til morning to clean.  After some discussion it was decided that they both get up at 6am to begin the chore of cleaning the house.  Jane dutifully set the alarm.  It seemed like only moments later and the alarm buzzed noisily.

Jane looked over at the snoring Richard and sighed.  Well, she would just get started and surely the noise of cleaning would wake him up.  Not bothering to turn off the alarm, she rolled out of bed taking the covers with her.  Pulling her hair back in a pony tail, she grabbed the vacuum cleaner and began to vacuum the entire house including the bedroom.  She wrinkled her nose as the vacuumer cleaner sucked up the dust bunnies from under the bed.

Jane looked for another noisy chore to start.  She picked up the first plate and ‘accidentally’ dropped it on the floor.  She felt like throwing all the dishes against the wall but decided they needed the dishes for the party instead so she dutifully cleaned the dried on food off the plates and placed them in the dishwasher.   Richard snored on.  Jane decided to wash the laundry next.  Looking at the bed she decided the sheets needed washing first so she tugged and pulled them out from under Richard.  He snored on.   Jane listened to Spot bark incessantly for thirty minutes before she opened the door to let him outside letting the door slam behind him.  Richard snored on.

Richard had made a commitment to Jane to help clean the house, but instead he slept while Jane did all the work.  If you are in a relationship with God are you working with Him or are you sleeping while he does all the work?